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REPORT & TESTIMONY The visual artist Paul Duncombe, currently in Pépinières residence (Map program) at the Meduse Cooperative in Quebec near Lake St. John, decided to work in the natural environment to observe insaisisables climate phenomena in the coldest winter.

VIDEO In the framework of Pépinières’ Map mobility programme, (LA)HORDE Collective, under the direction of Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel and Céline Signoret, created a piece with 15 dancers from Montréal Contemporary Dance School, Pépinières’ partner. The show, « Avant les gens mourraient » (« Formerly, people used to die ») was presented in Montréal.

Le couloir des pas perdus

REPORTAGE Vocal performance in which voice is offered in a variety of forms, “Le Couloir des par perdus” (Corridor of Lost Steps) is a multifaceted scenic object, between sound poetry, narrative, electroacoustic and audiovisual play.

EVENT Park in progress is a travelling mobility programme developed from 2011 to 2014, gathering young artists with cultural and creative professionals.

EVENT As part of their cross-residencies programme, Pépinières européennes introduced the artists Klaus Fruchtnis, Ndoho Ange and six young dancers to each other. At the end of this time of encounter and collaboration, they will present their work at La Maison de l’Arbre on Monday, 23rd March at 7 pm.

REPORT Fondation Hippocrène, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes’ partner since 2010, welcomes seven young European artists and laureates of Pépinières’ programmes for an exhibition at the Villa Mallet Stevens in Paris from 16th to 29th January 2015.


On May 14th, canadian dancer Justine Parisien and the (LA)HORDE Collective auditionned and selected eleven dancers for a jumpstyle residency project. The performance will be presented on June 21st at the Pépinières Fabric for the event 155 BPM. 

OPEN CALL Méduse is a unique structure in Northern America. It is a cooperative dedicated to art, cultural and community based producers and distributors that opened its doors in 1995 in Quebec City. Deadline: 18th May 2016. Dates of the residency : January to march 2017 and April to june 2017.

OPEN CALL Méduse est une structure unique en Amérique du Nord. Coopérative de producteurs et diffuseurs artistiques, culturels et communautaires, Méduse a ouvert ses portes en 1995. Date de tombée : 18 mai 2016. Dates des résidences : janvier à mars 2017 et avril à juin 2017. 

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