Forum européen de Noirlac

de Noirlac

The European Forum Arts and local communities gathered at the Abbey of Noirlac the 7, 8 and 9 October the artists involved in the realities of the territory and cultural actors – Pépinières’partners – from various fields of activities involved in the European and international art scene.

PHOTO REPORT For more than fifteen years, a generation of young artists, particularly attentive to the movements of the world, has been inventing new artistic approaches that feed on the human, social, economic and environmental contexts they are involved in. These social artists place explore unexpected horizons to meet new, distant public audiences where they actually live: sensitive suburbs and urban areas, isolated countryside… Immerged into these territories’ contexts, they invent creative approaches in a spirit of sharing, risk authentic human encounters and shape potential new forms of artistic commitment. Considering mobility as a way of life and transdisciplinarity as a vehicle for exchange, they cross Europe and create connections at each stage, which bring the territory’s players together in a spirit of openness to the world.


Michelangelo Pistoletto, honorary chairman of Pépinières européennes, encouraged this young generation and supported its approaches at the occasion of the European Forum of the Young Creation in Gratz in 2003 by noting similarities with the concept of «involved art» that he defends.


These approaches appear to be particularly relevant nowadays, in the way these artists, through their proposals, search for human answers to the challenges of our time by experimenting new forms of exchange.


This forum reflects the most singular artistic experiments conducted with diverse local communities and the challenges that appear within these communities in a European and global perspective. It present an interactive, acoustic and olfactory installation by Gwenn-Aël Lynn, an in-situ work by Moataz Nasr in the gardens of the Abbey of Noirlac and a selection of short films by laureate « Drag » of d’Edwin&Melvyn, « En présence (piedad silenciosa) » of Nino Laisné, « Eliane » of Justine Pluvinage, « The Echo » of Moataz Nasr and the video of happenings « Don pneumatiquue » and « Lire la bible » Carl Hurtin.