Coopérative Méduse 2015

Paul Duncombe

The visual artist Paul Duncombe, currently in Pépinières residence (Map program) at the Meduse Cooperative in Quebec near Lake St. John, decided to work in the natural environment to observe insaisisables climate phenomena in the coldest winter. The opportunity for Pépinières to ask him something about his work.

REPORT & TESTIMONY : Back on Map residency of Paul Duncombe at Méduse cooperative in spring 2015


"Arrived in Quebec there is a month, I was deeply struck by the natural riches of Winter Quebecers. In colder season, after some research and interventions on the fast ice, especially near the Bay Beauport, I wanted to continue to work on the outside, specifically on the climate itself closer to the elements and these elusive phenomena. I am currently preparing an expedition to the white desert, in the middle of Lac Saint-Jean to listen to the silence and context. A fitted ephemeral station of various measuring devices will be deposited on ice extent and record the physical changes in this environment: light and sound but also wind, temperature, pressure, magnetic field ... Point start for new artistic experiments, these data, once collected, will be integrated into a multimedia device and then exposed in the form of audio and video installation. " (Paul Duncombe)