Résidence Croisée #1


As part of their cross-residencies programme, Pépinières européennes introduced the artists Klaus Fruchtnis, Ndoho Ange and six young dancers to each other. At the end of this time of encounter and collaboration, they will present their work at La Maison de l’Arbre on Monday, 23rd March at 7 pm.

REPORT PHOTO : Representation at la Maison de l’Arbre march 23th.

Artists in residency : Klaus Fruchtnis and Ndoho Ange. Avec la participation des danseuses de La Noue : Célia Alexis, Dariana Trébor, Lolita Sarpon, Gabriella Mitsotso, Lena Kalhor and Ludivine Tunga Mbala


Their residency project, "An attempt at exhausting a place in Montreuil" questions the influence of new technologies on our sensitivity, our perception, our interpretation and representation of the urban space that surrounds us.


Through observation, participation and exchange, the audience will gain awareness of the creative process of such a collaborative project. The audience is confronted with physical limits but the virtual abolished all forms of borders, to merge the worlds and cultures of invited artists: Klaus Fruchtnis’ digital art and Ndoho Ange’s dance. This encounter will provide the public with a sensitive immersion in the space of La Maison de l’Arbre..



Klaus Fruchtnis is a Franco-Columbian researcher and trans-disciplinary artist; he graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris in digital art and from Sorbonne University Paris, where he studied design technology and new media. He uses new technologies to develop projects with social and political dimensions, shared within a context of cultural diversity. A social artist, he does not hesitate to retreat from the habitual cultural hot spots and he confronts many artistic fields: photography, multimedia, digital drawing, media experimentation, in an ever-increasing desire to be close to the public. Klaus Fruchtnis engages the public in every single work thus creating a relationship, a participative event where the spectator becomes an actor.



Ndoho Ange is a performer who tells stories while dancing. In the noughties, she went deeper into Hip-Hop dance and experienced improvisation. At the Free Dance Song Center, she learned the Dunham movement technique, which claims West Indian, sub-Saharan, South American and Afro-American influences. While studying traditional dance in the West Indies, she met the choreographer Léna Blou, who taught her the Ka Technique. Ndoho Ange is currently leading a choreographic research about movements of the body in trance.

Ndoho Ange initiated in 2014, a choreographic project paired with an educator Katia Baudry and a dozen young girls from Montreuil. This cross residency with Klaus Fruchtnis will expand their work through digital medium.


With support of : La Commission européenne, du Ministère de la Culture et de la communication, du Ministère de la ville, de la jeunesse et des sports, du conseil régional d’Ile-de-France - programme Fabriques de la Culture, la Mairie de Paris - programme de résidence à la Cité internationale des Arts, le conseil général de Seine-Saint-Denis.


And : L’Association Rues et Cités, La Parole Errante à la Maison de l’Arbre, NOVA et Arte Créative.