Le couloir des pas perdus

des pas

Vocal performance in which voice is offered in a variety of forms, “Le Couloir des par perdus” (Corridor of Lost Steps) is a multifaceted scenic object, between sound poetry, narrative, electroacoustic and audiovisual play.

REPORTAGE : Representation, May 27th 2015


Singer Laurence Moletta works on sounds in real time through a variety of sensors that she carries on her body that drive a remote sound creation computer program. A device for augmented voice and body that she personally developed for her vocal work.


A voice coming from elsewhere tells in various musical and literary languages the story of how we pass from a liquid intrauterine liquid environment to an aerial environment, in the great leap of birth. This performance is an emotional process that meets our most primitive perceptions. To see and hear ourselves be born: a quest towards our lost paradise.


Laurence Moletta collected, along her encounters, stories and anecdotes of birth. These texts, reworked by Stéphane Oertli, are the performance’s thread. Rewritten in a very musical way, they leave the augmented singer with a great freedom of interpretation. The music sheet meets the text, the singer plays with the words’ phenomenon, the rhythm of syllables…


Her voice structures the body of the text, composes and decomposes the sounds, mixing the sound landscapes with the words with delight, sometimes solo, spoken, sung, textured… of great amplitude.


Each text inherits a unique and independant music part that complements Stéphane Broc’s video composition.