Date as per postmark

de la poste
faisant foi

Performances, encounters, kid's workshop... Discover activities concurrently with the exhibition "Date as her postmark" from January 11 to 25 at the villa Mallet Stevens.

PROGRAM : DATE AS PER POSTMARK Exhibition from 11 to 25 January 2016 - Fondation Hippocrène - Villa Mallet-Stevens


Over 1500 postcards will compose an original landscape reflecting the diversity of contemporary practices

Tuesday, 12 January 6-11pm: Opening of the exhibition,free admission. Exhibition from 11 to 25 January 2016. Open every day 2:30-8pm. Morning visits by appointment only:





Wednesday, 13 and 20 January 2016 & Saturday, 23 January 2016 2-4pm – free entrance - Villa Mallet-Stevens

Concurrently to the exhibition “Date as per postmark” proposed by Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, free-admission workshops for children will be held. 4 workshops will take place on Wednesday 13 and 20 January from 2 to 4pm. They will place children and their parents in a situation of artistic creation and invite them to discover and experiment. The aim is to extend the field of imagination to consider contemporary creation as a resource that can develop a child’s point of view and sharpen his perception of the world.

On the basis of a sensorial approach and their experience of the exhibition, the children will imagine their own postcard, which will then be presented during the exhibition.



Saturday, 16 January 2-3pm: Conference by Jonathann Labat, artist and art director at Studio 32 Avril, Paris; “The epistolary relation as a creative process”

Saturday, 23 January 5-6pm: Meeting with artist Louis Cyprien Rials.

Presentation of his project “42 unexisting postcards”. Louis Cyprien Rials will talk about his interest in poscards and their link to reality and geography on the one hand and to imagination on the other hand.



Play / original creation “Regarding the postcard, I would have preferred the Virgin Mary in pyjamas” The underlying portrait of teenage girl through her correspondence By La Comagnie du dernier étage

Thursday, 14 January 2016, 9pm Duration: 30 minutes Villa Mallet-Stevens Free entrance

RBrushing the underlying portrait of a teenager girl through the letters that were sent to her in her secondary and highschool years.

Following “Étude du premier amour”, their first creation, which was awarded at the “Ici & Demain” festival and presented at the festival of Avignon in 2015, Louise Bataillon, the troupe’s director, decides to get a little further back in time and search a period that seduces her because of its share of contradictions, tensions, idealism and naivety: adolescence.

This time the four young and talented actors will start from a text material: letters.