"Date as per postmark" : New webiste

"Date as per postmark" : New website

Through a very simple process, the Pépinières gathered the artworks of 250 artists worldwide. The Pépinières thus sent  370 blank postcards in more than 20 countries to those artists who had sent a request.

These postcards are now visible online on a dedicated website
In our digital era, postacards remain a simple and available medium that artists can easily use to express their singularities.
With this project, the Pépinières look forward to discovering new talents, to broaden their network and to bring artists together. Each stop of the exhibition is an occasion to gather artworks of the artists present on the E.mobility Platform but also to host fresh looks. Gathered by a same initiative, artists and their singular expression means meet.
With the numeric exhibition, the artists’ creations are enhanced on an international level.. They will soon pursue their travel, symbolising the mobility that the Pépinières support through their activities.
Photos : Melvyn Bonnaffé